Design Development

We cater to your needs whether it is transforming your Shop/Office room-by-room or tackling the entire project at once. Since we are adept in most design styles, we can ensure that your design will flow uninterrupted throughout your space.

Material specifications
for new Construction

Feeling a little overwhelmed selecting flooring, countertops, cabinets, light fixtures, etc? Wondering how to pull it all together? Keeping the big picture in mind, we help you make the right choices to create a space unique to you. We also document all of the selections including detailed drawings in a specifications document so that we follow a a road map.

Cabinet Design

thinking of saving space? Electra Qatar has the expertise to design and fabricate cabinets at all sizes in different shapes and designs. We can bring so much quality and sophistication to your custom made cabinets with a value for quality.

Color Selection and
Faux Finishes

Having taught classes on color for many years, we identify your personal color palette so your walls are draped with the colors that you love. And for that special touch, add texture and interest to your walls with color washing, sponging, ragging, marbling, or the latest rage — plaster stenciling.

Installation &
Project Management

If you are doubtful to work with a contractor that will only increase the costing of the project because they will outsource some of the requirements, Electra Qatar has every solutions for all Interior fitout requirements. We can execute from A-Z of the project for you. Rest assured that all requirements are to be fabricated at our 20,000sqm workshop and install it to your site.


We are skillful at designing a total, fully-gutted remodel when nothing is left of the original. We also enjoy the challenge of making what is left behind look new again. In either case, we deliver your vision and create a new space you will cherish for years to come.

Space Planning

IWhether it’s a kitchen remodel or purchasing furniture for a shop, we make sure you maximize your space with consideration to comfort, efficiency, and traffic flow.

Furniture &
Accessories Selection

We are excited to offer our clients quality furniture and accessories that are highly customizable in a full range of styles and prices to help you create those unique spaces. And we have the eye to know the cool stuff!

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